QSS Series Dry-End

QSS 250 model:
Machine Size: 1800mm and 2500mm
Machine Speed: 250 MPM

QSS 300 model:
Machine Size: 1800mm and 2500mm
Machine Speed: 300 MPM

QSS 350 model:
Machine Size: 1800mm and 2500mm
Machine Speed: 350 MPM
  • QSS Series Dry-End
  • QSS Series Dry-End
  • QSS Series Dry-End
  • QSS Series Dry-End
  • QSS Series Dry-End
  • QSS Series Dry-End
  • QSS Series Dry-End
  • QSS Series Dry-End
  • QSS Series Dry-End


General Specifications





• Maximum performance speed up to 220m/min for order change. 

• Upper serrated knife with bottom PU anvil and waste extruder.

• Adjustable gap between upper knife and bottom PU anvil.

• Single cut use for order change and continuous cut use for waste extrusion.

• In case the unit controller links with production computer for order change automatically and the waste between ex-order and existing order will be not over 800 mm







• Bottom slitter design with single disc Tungsten Carbide blade and grinding device. The grinding time can be set up by computer based on running meters to insure the sharp of blade. 

• Three types of scorer can be selected.

• Knives and scorers adjusted by individual servo motor for positioning.

• Setting time for each order approximate 1.5 second in general operation.

• Slitting and scoring accuracy within ± 1mm .

• Unit transversal moving available ± 100mm.

• Tandem device for nonstop of order change

• Industrial grade PC controls knives and scorers positioning and order change.

• PC links with production computer will be fully automatic operation of non-stop order change.






• Sleeve cutter with independent twin servo motors and drivers, and even one set servo motor is still workable in case the other set servo motor is problem.

• Energy return for saving energy system for every cutting break to return the capacitance. (saving up to 20%)

• Maximum working speed 150 m/min of short cutting 500mm and Maximum working speed 350 m/min of regular cutting length of sheet.

• Cutting length: 500mm – 3600mm.

• Cutting accuracy: ± 1.0mm

• Lubricant circulation by oil pump.

• Maximum cutting weight of sheet: 1500 GRM/SQM.

• Individual in feed unit movable for tuning or replace knives.






• Six stages of belting conveyor driven by 5HP inverter motor driven.

• First stage with suction belt may hold rear end of sheet down avoiding next following sheet collision.

• Designed geometric angle for ending belt to delivery sheets regular stacking on roller conveyor platform.

• Plastic conveyor platform lift & down by hydraulic cylinder.

• High performance up to 300 m/min for stacking sheet.

• Each pile of corrugated boards separate accurately by order change.


The platform of the down stacker is used by servo motor system and work smoothly through proportional and directional control valve.

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