Operator & Maintenance Training

Before starting work on the production line, the customer is provided with technical operating manuals for theoretical acquaintance with safety instructions, as well as with the basic principles of operation and maintenance of the equipment.


After machine install, TCY technicians conduct training and briefing to operating personnel, maintenance personnel, and management. Subject to individual circumstances and prior agreement, machine testing, commissioning, and technical training, can be extended where required.


Our machines are very easy to operate but once a new machine goes into live production, it always takes time for the operator team to get used to running it. Each customer is always faced with questions about operation, maintenance, settings, etc. – this is normal, particularly when new operators join the production crew.


We remain available to respond to any written questions or telephone requests via TCY customer support & service. 


TCY has over 60 years of experience in the corrugated paperboard industry, therefore, it can provide a wide range of solutions with clear step-by-step guidance.

The equipment itself, as well as troubleshooting guides and step-by-step instructions, are customer oriented and personalized for a specific machine and a specific task. This principle allows you to resolve any issue as soon as possible.


Thanks to the expansion of TCY direct locations, as well as official agency partners, our customer support service works non-stop anywhere on the planet 24/7/365, so if there are any issues please just contact us.