About us

  • TIEN CHIN YU Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd (TCY) established in 1959, it is one of the largest players in the global flexo printing equipment market. On the quality of TCY equipment competes with the world's highest level of brands. We specialize in a wide variety of technical solutions of printing machinery by meeting various demands, and consistently strive to adhere to our core management principle, driven by a creative team that is responsive to customer needs and satisfaction. TCY has consistently demonstrated strong growth by forging strong partnerships with customers to meet with their manufacturing needs through unique process integration, innovative design services, manufacturing productivity and product quality.


    In addition to holding specific intellectual property rights and patented technologies, TCY is committed to developing innovative multifunctional solutions to explore professional design for researching high-performance and high-efficiency equipment. TCY not only insists on an outstanding and professional supplier of superior quality of all kinds of Corrugator Production Lines and Flexo Printing machines to meet different customer requirements, but also exploits new business aspects to search some appliance for "Vacuum Transfer Device", "Ink Chamber Blade System", "Folder Gluer, "Integrated Computer Production System (non-stop order change) " and other products.


    Our mission is to be a reliable supplier of quality machines to the global printing industry for years to come, and we believe that the following competitive advantages allow us to seize growth opportunities:

  • High-performance products for customer needs, not only for profit;
  • Strong procurement strategies for obtaining materials, rather than setting prices as the main purpose;
  • Production capacity and utilization; not improve conditions for inappropriate high speed;
  • Business services focused on accuracy and efficiency; not be in completely stagnation with no orders



We will continue to focus on improving efficiency and investing in optimization of manufacturing process and new technologies. After the new era of competition began, the global economy and financial markets faced difficulties. We look forward to further ramping up our research and development efforts to improve the commercial performance of our products, develop value-added products, and improve manufacturing technologies and processes for product differentiation.


Nowadays TCY is a dynamically developing international company with a worldwide reputation, ranked among the world's leading brands in the packaging industry.



Administrative structure as follows:


  • TCY Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd. (Taiwan Headquarters) 


Website: http://www.tcy.com/

Email: tcy@tcy.com

Tel.: +886-3-3544888


No. 42, Santeh Street,

Ru-Chu Dist., Taoyuan 33842,

Taiwan R.O.C.



TCY Machinery UK Ltd. (UK Office) 

Website: http://tcyuk.com/

Email: info@tcyuk.com

Tel.: +44-(0)1138-805456 


Unit 8 Hurricane Cl,

Sherburn in Elmet,

Leeds LS25 6PL
United Kingdom


TCY North America, Inc. (USA Office) 

Website: http://tcy-northamerica.com/

Sales Email: sales@tcy-northamerica.com

Sales Tel.: +1-(414)323-6370

Service Email: service@tcy-northamerica.com
Service Tel.: +1-(414)323-6371


5775 Waco St, Chino, CA 91710

United States