Special message to customers and guests regarding COVID-19

Special message to customers and guests regarding COVID-19
With this statement, we want to responsibly declare that during the entire period of the COVID-19 pandemic, the TCY plant did not stop forced by emergency mode even for a day.
The main production is located in Taiwan, where the pandemic is being controlled quite successfully. Not a single employee was forced to work remotely, and all duties are carried out as usual. Also, all of our international divisions and agent partners operate in their countries in accordance with local conditions, however, they fully fulfill the function assigned to them by 100%.
Supply chains are established in a regular mode, our customers successfully receive the necessary equipment, spare parts and services exactly in accordance with the terms of contractual obligations. Shipments of manufactured machines and spare parts are carried out without interruption. All relevant warehouse, production and logistics processes run smoothly and in accordance with the production and project plans.
Our technicians travel to different countries to install equipment in accordance with local regulatory requirements. Even in the current epidemiological hard conditions, up to 15 TCY production lines can be installed simultaneously in different countries.
Remote Support allows to connect to equipment and resolve many issues remotely. Global Service helps complete tasks and respond to inquiries almost non-stop 24/7/365.
Take care, be healthy, be with TCY