A guide to visit ConneXion

And here is the new online exhibition ConneXion!

It’s opened 24/7 from June 1 to June 8, 2021.

We invite you to visit the TCY stand, look at advertising and introductory products, and also communicate with representatives live in chat, by audio or video call.

The exhibition platform has been updated, some new features have been added, such as scheduling appointments, convenient times for communication, scheduling, etc. The interface has remained the same convenient and easy to use: customize your profile, look for stands you are interested in both with navigation buttons and by "teleporting" to a stand from the list.

It is useful and free to everyone via a web browser, pad or any mobile device – try it!

Register for free here - https://bit.ly/3eFR7Jz

We are available 24/7 as always, see you there!