Home Product Rotary Die-Cutter (N Series) NB8-RDC 1600mmx3000mm

NB8-RDC 1600mmx3000mm

Machine Size:

1600mm x 2200mm ~ 4200mm


Max. Production Speed:

10,800 sheets/hr


General Specifications


The new exterior streamlined shape design appearance the scientific and technology sense with the impressed vision.


By reducing the multi-function buttons and simplify the steps of order setting to make the machine friendly use and easy set up to increase your productivities.


Powerful N Series Smart-Tech system provides many convenient functions such like maintenance reminder system, error troubleshooting system, efficiency status, driver monitor…etc.


NB8 equipped with Bundle Stacker Unit for Multi-Out Die cut job (Max. 4 outs) and Two directions sheet conveyor to remove the bundles. The bundle stacker unit using Servo motor control system for accutrate speed control, sheet stacking and multi-out bundle stacking for die cut orders.


The new generation of the program can easily allow operators to understand the error code and troubleshooting. And easily scheduling the maintenance and spare parts life control.



• SUN lead edge feeder with accurate feeding for different flutes and warped sheets.
• Available for skip feed and feed interrupt.
• Auto zero-set for feeding position with one push button.
• Non back- lash transmission gear system.
• All gap adjustment via eccentric device with corresponding scale.
• Frequency inverter drive with variable suction control.
• Optional- Dust vacuum cleaner for sheet.


• Bottom print.
• Highly accurate printing registration.
• Laser engraved ceramic anilox roll.
• Rubber roll system as standard.
• Auto zero- set for printing position with one push button.
• Vacuum transfer.
• Optional- Ink chamber blade device with programming auto wash ink system.


• Dual slotting shafts for leading knives and trailing knives.
• Separate dual dual units design for easy maintenance.
• Heavy duty design for large and strong box use.
• Auto zero- set for slotting knife with one push button.
• Pre-set one order function with auto positioning of slot knives for box panel.
• Central yoke head moveable.


• Heavy duty die cutting drum.
• Hydraulic oscillation movement for anvil drum to prolong anvil life time.
• Auto zero- set for die cutting position with one push button.
• Anvil trimming and anvil drum synchronized drive.




• Capable of running multi-out rotary die cut job.

• Easy setup for automatic bundle stacking from the operator touch panel.

• Easy setup controls dictate forward movement of conveyor, and number of bundles per load before releasing the load down the line.

• Vacuum transfer conveyor.

• Perfect cleaning of the box by belts and vibrating brushes in first stripper unit.

• Accurately separate and steer individual blanks into separate streams onto the stacking deck.

• Sheets smooth treatment Air nozzles.

• Photo-eyes for accurate counting and catching.

• Integrated PLC control system and servo motor drive for full stacker control.