Home Product Flexo Folder Gluer (QS Series) QS-1025 Fixed Type 1000mmx2500mm

QS-1025 Fixed Type 1000mmx2500mm

Machine Size:



Max. Production Speed:

21,000 sheets per hour


General Specifications


  1. Full Independent Servo motor drive design, fast order set-up by TCY QS Smart-Tech CNC computer system & User Friendly HMI for easy operation.


    By non-stop order change design to prepare next order printing die and ink while machine still running current order to maximize your productivity with consistent high quality boxes at fast speed.


    QS Servo control system controls each main shaft positioning absolute accurate position and no need to calibrate.


    Powerful QS Smart-Tech system provides many convenient functions such like maintenance reminder system, error troubleshooting, efficiency status, driver monitor, dynamic information, quick port check…etc.




• Full servo motor drive for lead edge feeder.

• Automatic feeding stroke of “un Automation” gear box.

• Maximum speed up to 350 sheets per minute.

• Automatically adjust air vent of feeding chamber.

• Full integrated control by 12 inches HMI for Flexo machine.


PRINTING SECTION (Top printing) 

• Full servo motor drive for each printer unit.

• Upper unit of printer may lift up for printing die change during operation and lower vacuum transfer unit still working.

• Motorized reel rod lock and release for mounting stereo by push button without hand tool.

• Vacuum transfer by thread wheel for each printer unit.

• Printing registration of each printer can be individual adjustment.




• Full servo motor drive for double slotting shafts & double creasing shafts.

• Special design crusher and creaser profile for getting effective scoring line.

• Stainless strip of defecator for slotting waste paper extrusion.

• Upper trimming knife with a waste guider for trimming paper.




• Independent servo motor drive for die drum and anvil drum.

• Anvil trimming device with servo drive synchronized control.

• Motorized movement Aluminum circle on die drum.

• Anvil drum oscillation via hydraulic cylinder.

• Waste conveyor underneath die cutter units.


FOLDER GLUER (Bottom Folding)


• Upper folding belt equipped suction chamber with pressure wheel.

• Speed of lower folding belt can be setting by servo motor via HMI

• Speed of side guiding wheel can be setting by servo motor via HMI.




• Top loading finished box with bottom extruder for bundle boxes.

• Receiving sheet folk forward and backward by servo motor drive.

• Receiving sheet folk up and down by pneumatic cylinder.

• Boxes loading platform up and down by servo motor drive.

• Pneumatic pusher extrudes bundle boxes to delivery conveyor.

• Full integrated safety control system via detector and PLC for auto stop.