Company Philosophy

Purpose :

Established in 1959,TIEN CHIN YU Machinery Mfg. CO., Ltd (TCY), one of major printing manufacturers, the quality leader in the market of European competitors, specialize in a wide variety of techniques of printing machinery by meeting various demands from many customers and hold the perpetual intention to adhere to our basic management principle of the creative team that responds to client needs and satisfaction. TCY has consistently experienced strong growth by building solid partnerships and customers with their manufacturing needs, thanks to its unique integration of the process technologies, pioneering design services, manufacturing productivity and product quality.


In addition to holding distinctive intellectual property rights and proprietary technologies, TCY committed to the development of innovative multi-function solutions in order to explore the professional design to investigate high-performance, high-efficiency equipment. TCY not only insists on an outstanding and professional supplier in the excellent quality of all kinds of Corrugated Paper Machine and Printer Slotter to meet different customer required  

specifications, but also exploits new aspects of business in search of some appliance for "Vacuum Transfer Device", "Ink Chaber Blade System","Folder Gluer, "Integrated Computer Production System(non-stop order change) " and other products.

Our mission is to be the trusted quality provider of the global printing industry for years to come and believe the following competitive strengths enable us to capitalize on the growth opportunities :

• High performance products for customer's needs , not in the pursuit of profit;

• Strong procurement strategies to source the materials , not to price as the main purpose ;

• Manufacturing capacity and utilization; not to enhance the conditions for inappropriate high speed;

• Business services committed to precision and efficiency; not to be a state of total confusion with no order

We will continue to focus on increasing conversion efficiencies and investing in manufacturing process optimization and application of new technologies. After a new era of competition has officially arrived, the global economy and financial markets experienced hardship. We expect to continue to increase our research and development efforts to enhance the commercial performance of our products and to develop value-added products and improve manufacturing technology and process for product differentiation.